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  • All the teachers and the center director are all so wonderful, caring and accommodating. We have a 3.5-year-old in preschool who has been going to CKA since she was 12 weeks old, and her little brother is now following in her footsteps.

    My daughter has so much fun every day. We love the variety of activities, including yoga, karate, Spanish and lots of art. Plus all the extra summer activities.

    The infant teachers have been so great in working with us and our son to figure out what works best for him as he acclimates to school.

    Leaving your kids with someone else can be hard – especially when they’re babies. I wouldn’t trust mine with anyone else.

    Angela C.
  • “My children have been taken care of at Creative Kids for over 4 years between the Mounds View and Lexington sites. My daughter and son enjoy being there and they love the activities that the teachers have for them to do. Their favorites are the field trips. My children have learned to write their names and recognize words and can read some books. The center helped both my children get ready for kindergarten. Both of my children scored high on their preschool screenings.
    The teacher and staff care about the well being of the child. My son was having behavioral problems and instead of writing him off as another bad kid his teacher and the director of the center worked with him and me. I was given help finding resources to help him and myself. The center also helped get a plan together for him so he could get back on track. My children love it here!”

    Angela K. – Blaine
  • “Thank you to all of the CKA staff who have taken care of our little Rudies over the past for years! The 3 of them have truly enjoyed their time with you. The girls have learned so much and Haydon has made some great friends! We can’t thank you enough for your support throughout the years with Jake’s crazy work and my health. We truly appreciate it. Thank you for taking care of our children! All the best!”

    Annie and Jake R.
  • “Our daughter has learned so much already in just 2 months at CKA in Minnetonka. We could not be more pleased with your center. We’re so glad we found you!!!”

    Beau, Stephanie, and Saylah – Minnetonka
  • “My children have gotten wonderful care from Creative Kids teaching staff and have given my kids a great opportunity. I noticed it the most in how much my son has grown and matured over the past summers. When he was going into 1st grade I wasn’t sure if he would really be ready, but after being in a structured setting and the teachers working with him throughout the summer it really made a difference.”

    Brenda S. – Cambridge
  • Our son has been going to Minnetonka CKA for the last couple years and we have been very happy!  The teachers are experienced and organized.  They have respected and listened to our requests with caring for our little one.  My husband and I highly recommend CKA.

    Celeste S.
  • “A safe and educational environment was important to us. Creative Kids offers all that and so much more. Our daughter is happy, which makes us happy.”

    Jack & Hollie S. – Mounds View
  • “Upon relocating to Minnesota, we initially were nervous about who would take care of our child while we worked. Creative Kids Academy Orono is a wonderful place and it has a lot to offer. Our child enjoys learning and the friends she has made there. The Teachers are very friendly and the facility is amazing. We are thrilled! Thanks!”

    Jada’s Parents – Orono
  • “We like the experience that Chloe has had at Creative Kids Academy and recommend their program. She always talks highly of her teachers there and is smiling at the end of every day. Now with Chloe entering Kindergarten, she will be able to take the bus to the Orono schools to & from CKA and also take advantage of art classes next door at the Art Center.”

    John & Seazon Patterson – Orono
  • “We couldn’t be more thrilled with Creative Kids Academy in Orono! It’s always challenging to leave your newborn for the first time but Creative Kids made our experience so wonderful! We worked together with Creative Kids to create a smooth transition plan for our son and for us. Creative Kids was so accommodating and went above and beyond in making it a success. Our son has adapted very well to his new school and we as parents know each day he’s receiving the best care possible. Each day we receive a custom outline of our son’s day. It’s always great to see what he’s accomplished even when we can’t be there. We hope others discover Creative Kids Academy!”

    Nate & Molly – Orono
  • “We are delighted to be enrolling our 3 ½ year old daughters for their second year at Creative Kids Academy at the James J. Hill Schoolhouse in Orono. The girls have been excited to go to preschool from Day 1 and on those occasional mornings when they aren’t quite ready to say goodbye, Miss Krista is there with an extra hug and a trip to the window to wave goodbye. Their days are filled with reading, learning, art projects, music class, Spanish class and the girls’ favorite – yoga class! And on days that they weren’t ready to say goodbye in the morning they usually aren’t ready to go home in the afternoon! It is very comforting for us to know that the girls are well taken care of and that Miss Alayna, Miss Sandi and everyone at Creative Kids Academy are invested in their development and are as proud of their accomplishments as we are!”

    Rick & Kristin P. – Orono
  • “Our family relocated to Minnesota and needed to find care for our 2 yr old daughter and newborn son. After having a nanny for the previous two years, we were apprehensive to make the switch to a care center. We were fortunate enough to find Creative Kids Academy Orono. I knew from the moment we toured the facility, it was the place for our kids. I can’t say enough good things about the care our kids have received. The Director Christina and staff are knowledgeable, warm, and attentive to our children. When I have an individual request, they do everything they can to see my needs are met. They have fun and engaging learning activities every day, ensuring they are developing a variety of skills. And they always have hugs and smiles for our kids. CKA Orono provides us the feeling of individual care and we wouldn’t have our kids anywhere else.”

    The Downey Family – Orono

Buy cheap dapoxetine uk - Buy dapoxetine powder

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