“I have enjoyed working at Creative Kids Academy located in Orono, Minnesota for almost 5 years and it has been a lot of fun.  The center itself is unique in more ways than one and to have the history of the center up on the wall for everyone to see is amazing.  Some of the walls in every room and the halls have hand painted murals that help set the ambiance of the center. 

The staff are very educated and dedicated to teaching and making the rooms run smooth while keeping the children motivated to learn and explore. In most centers I have worked in there is a curriculum already in place and a lot of times there is not any room for teachers to use their ideas and creativity.  At Creative Kids Academy teachers are encouraged to come up with their own themes and activities for their classrooms. This makes teaching here a nice opportunity because it keeps me as a teacher from getting bored repeating the same curriculum year after year. 

The center directors do a wonderful job of not only keeping the center running smoothly but making sure that you have all the materials you need to have a successful curriculum. They will step into a room to help out regardless of a staff person calling in sick or taking a day off.  Teachers get the opportunity to have extra time outside the room to not only plan their lessons but work on conferences.

One of the best parts of working at Creative Kids Academy are the families.  The parents are very friendly and supportive.  They make our special events huge successes.  Their children keep staff smiling and laughing every day.  Watching the children grow from infant to Pre-K is a process that I am glad to experience and be a part of.

Creative Kids Academy offers a lot of bonuses that others centers do not and the owners really care about the families, children, and staff.”