Our School Age

Distance Learning

(Kindergarten through grade 5)

Creative Kids has a well-planned child-oriented curriculum. We believe that curriculum development is an on-going process to meet the needs of your child. Each month themes are introduced in your child’s classroom and divided into specific weekly programs and daily activities. Our curriculum is based on the following learning objectives: physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. As your child advances through Creative Kids, the specific skills learned at each level serves as a foundation for learning at the next level.

School Age Objectives

Creative kids offer a safe, secure, and stimulating environment. Your child is given the opportunity to choose from a variety of individual or group activities: arts and crafts, science and discovery, dramatic play and constructive building. Children may also receive assistance with school assignments.

Physical Development
  • Balance: movement, games, and sports
  • Large Muscle: climbing, running, and group games
  • Small Muscle: art activities, and building activities
Intellectual Development
  • Language Encouragement: conversation, encouraging reading and writing
  • Cognitive: through ideas, art and storytelling
  • Creative: through dramatic play, art activities and music activities
Emotional Development
  • Self-Esteem: creating positive reinforcement and encouraging self-exploration
  • Independence: providing choices, self-motivation and self-help skills
Social Development
  • Interactive Skills: discussing rules and limits
  • Behavior Skills: encouraging cooperation, learning respect and responsibilities of others
Value Added School Age Services
  • Free transportation to many local schools
  • Lunch provided at no additional charge
  • On-site guest speakers and educational field trips
  • Homework help
  • Music Program

During the summer months, Creative Kids Academy spends time each week exploring the twin cities parks, museums, historical landmarks, and sports venues.