Our Mission

Creative Kids Academy’s mission is to provide quality nurturing and affordable care for each and every child with creativity and academics in mind. Imagine the Possibilities…

Our Vision for Each Child

Our vision is to enable and encourage each child to reach their potential in becoming a confident leader of their community by promoting Trust, Education, Nurture, Creativity, Health, Safety, and Social Responsibility through our nurturing approach to life.

Our Core Values

    • Trust – Mutual trust creates strong links to happiness, confidence, and growth.
    • Education – Education starts the day you are born… Never stop learning.
    • Nurture – Nurturing environment early in life creates confidence forever.
    • Creativity – Imagination enables innovation.
    • Health – Healthy lifestyle leads to stronger communities.
    • Safety – We never compromise safety.
    • Social Responsibility – Children are the future ambassadors of our world. We teach them to appreciate everyone and everything!

Our Mantra:  Positive Energy Creates a Positive World!