Welcome to Creative Kids Academy

Who We Are

At Creative Kids Academy, we believe that children are our future. We are dedicated to ensuring the best educational and child care practices that exceed our families’ highest expectations. We have the responsibility and privilege to provide incredibly special environments, enrichments, and experiences for the children in our care.

We implement our philosophy by focusing on supporting children’s growth in five key areas:

1. Social – Social development is very important for young children, as it prepares them for their future in school, friendship, and community. We ensure children develop as socially comfortable and competent individuals through a variety of team-work, cooperation, and collaborative based activities.

2. Physical  Physical health and well-being are special points of pride at CKA. From our delicious and nutritious snacks and meals, to our playgrounds, physical activities, and yoga, dancercise, and karate enrichment classes, children at CKA have opportunities to exercise, play, and eat in ways that help establish life-long habits of active and healthy lifestyles.

3. Intellectual  Children need to be provided with opportunities to develop their cognitive abilities through the exploration of the world and environment around them. Reading, writing, music, nature, science, and language skills are all types of activities in which children are encouraged to freely experience the feelings of pride and success that come with intellectual achievement.

4. Creative  As a company that follows the Creative Curriculum, creative play is a hallmark of the experiences we provide for children. Painting, drawing, and craft projects; dramatic play with costumes, props, and puppets; toys and blocks; and a focus on supporting a child’s imaginative sensibilities are all ways that we put the Creative Curriculum into practice.

5. Emotional  At CKA, we help ensure that children enter their school days as happy, healthy, and positive-minded young people. Self- confidence, self-control, and respect for the feelings of others are all parts of children understanding their own emotional identity. We help support emotional development by fostering honesty, kindness, and self-pride in the children in our care.

In order to put our philosophy into practice, the Directors at Creative Kids Academy put great emphasis on building teams of accomplished, intelligent, and caring Teachers, Assistants, and Aides. Our focus on continued education, training, and team-building activities keeps us motivated and consistent in our approach to providing children with the types of fun, safe, and developmentally-supportive environments that they deserve.


Our History 

Creative Kids Academy is a local, family-owned and operated early education company that has been providing quality nurturing and affordable child care in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas for the last 15 years. Our primary focus is to provide the best care possible for your child with creativity and learning in mind. We have served the Twin Cities area since 2009 and have proudly expanded to thirteen locations.

Please contact one of the centers for a tour!  You will be impressed by what we have to offer to you and your child.

We look forward to your visit!


Our Community Involvement

We are committed to the communities we serve. We believe in building strong ties with our families and local business partners, such as the local chamber of commerce. We offer discounts to employees of businesses with memberships to local chambers of commerce in communities we serve.

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