Our Emerging Toddler Program: (12-24 months)

This program is unique to Creative Kids. Our older infant classroom is designed to focus on the individual growth of this unique group. We recognize that when children are 12 months old, they need to explore, we encourage them to communicate, walk, and engage in cooperative play. We have designed a curriculum to encourage your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development while continuing to provide a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment. Our Emerging Toddler curriculum is based on each child’s individual development and needs. Our goal is to allow your child to grow and develop in their own time until they are developmentally ready for our Toddler classroom.

Emerging Toddler Objectives

Physical Development

Large Muscle: Walking, running & climbing, catching and rolling a ball.

Small muscle:  Scribble at will, build a tower, unscrew a lid, and have a longer attention span

Intellectual Development

  • Language: Group Time, singing songs, reading books together, storytelling and fingerplays & expanding language abilities
  • Cognitive: Counting, sorting, simple puzzles, stacking & learning about colors and shapes
  • Creative: Dramatic play, art activities, cutting, painting, and sensory play
Emotional and Social Development
  • Interactive Skills: Providing hugs and snuggles, acting silly and laughing & recognizing and giving names to their feelings
  • Behavioral Skills: Encouraging cooperation & playing peek a boo and pat-a-cake