Our Infant Program:

Creative Kids has a well-planned child-oriented curriculum for infants. We believe that curriculum development is an on-going process to meet the needs of each child. Each month themes are introduced in your child’s classroom and divided into specific weekly programs and daily activities. Our curriculum is based on the following learning objectives: physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. As your child advances through Creative Kids, the specific skills learned at each level serves as a foundation for learning at the next level.

Infant Objectives

Physical Development

  • Allowing rest times: by individual sleeping (sleepy infants are allowed to sleep)
  • Movement: by encouraging crawling, and walking
  • Balance and sitting: using chairs, and infant seats, encouraging rolling over & allowing infant “tummy time”

Intellectual Development

  • Language: by talking to the child, singing, and reading books
  • Cognitive: showing cause and effect. Playing peek-a-boo
  • Creativity: by stimulating the environment through sounds, music textures, and books

Emotional Development

  • Love: caressing, holding during feeding, changing, and play
  • Security: by responding to needs, having reliable caregivers