“My children have been going to CKA Maple Grove for 7 years and I have really appreciated all that they have done for my kids. My kids started going there when my youngest was in the infants and my oldest was in pre k and now they are both school agers. I chose to keep them in CKA instead of having them go to kid stop at their elementary school because the staff truly care about my children. The leadership team and the whole CKA staff did an awesome job accommodating our children over these last 2+ years during covid and distance learning. I can never thank them enough for managing their distance learning schedule and making sure they finished their work each day. My oldest child is now in 5th grade and his last day will be in less than a month. It is hard that he will no longer be attending CKA because the whole staff knows him so well and have seen him grow over the last 7 years. I really appreciate all they have done to help both my children become who they are today.”