“After being very satisfied with having my first child go here and succeed I decided to send my second child as well. Same results. Both of my children seem ahead of the curve. Neither have any reservations of being dropped off and my oldest always has good things to say when he is picked up. He’s been enrolled for over three years now and after moving up to his fourth room and we’ve never had any problems with any of the staff; this includes all aides, teachers, and directors. There are many activities that CKA does that include the whole family, for example, the week of the young child and other holiday pageants that my wife and I are encouraged to attend and interact with. The staff really make it fun for the children and parents alike. I am looking forward for my oldest to move up so he can enjoy the field trips that the school age class go on. If my wife and I have another child I would absolutely send him/her here as well with no reservations whatsoever about the care that would be provided.”